Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dixie Dharma

Is it a meaningless coincidence, or is it a case of great minds thinking alike?  Three days after this blog was started in the hopes of helping to network local Buddhist organizations, thirty-five minutes after I published a post in which I referenced the difficulty in raising a religious-minority teenager here in the Deep South, and thirteen minutes after I emailed Ken Chitwood thanking him for his previous Quan Am post, Ken published this review of the new book "Dixie Dharma".
Ken's review is great, and I have nothing to add to it at this point. 

However, I can tell you folks on the south side of Houston that Barnes & Noble Clear Lake does not carry this book.  Furthermore, the salesperson with whom I spoke told me that it's not a book that they plan to stock, although it can be special-ordered.  It can also apparently be ordered directly from the publisher, including in e-book format.  I just ordered one from Amazon, which FYI reportedly has 14 more copies currently in stock. 

I'll report further on this one after I get done readin'.

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