Sunday, May 27, 2012

Vietnamese Buddhist Pagoda (Chua Phat-Quang)

This is one in a series of "Profile" posts in which different local Buddhist groups and Temples will be described so that seekers will understand fully in advance what to expect should they decide to visit.  LAST UPDATE:  July 6, 2013; still no web presence found for this temple. 

Vietnamese Buddhist Pagoda (Phat-Quang) is located within the City of South Houston, roughly sandwiched between Houston and Pasadena (or between IH-610 and Clear Lake, depending on how you look at it).
701 Arizona Street, South Houston, TX  77587
Screengrab from Googlemaps.
Notice that "South Houston" is given in caps in the address above.  South Houston is an incorporated city of about 16,000 people, and it has a name that triggers the need for a lot of local context-parsing: when the title of a news article or other published content says "South Houston", do they mean "south Houston" or do they really mean "South Houston"?   The city is so small that many Houstonians (including south Houstonians) aren't even aware that it is a separate incorporated entity.  The "South" in "South Houston Sangha News" is a general geographic descriptor, not a reference to this city. 
Googlemaps suggests that the Pagoda is an extensively-developed site:
Most of what you see in the center of this Googlemaps image grab, from red-roofed building to red-roofed building, appears to be within the Temple complex.  The entrance appears to be on State Street rather than Arizona Avenue.
Ground grab showing the "frontispiece" on Arizona Ave.
Most internet references to this Temple use the English name preferentially, for reasons that are not apparent.  If the Vietnamese name is used, the references tend to drop the "Chua".
Including this one above from this University of Houston website which appears geared toward international students and faculty.
Despite the prevalence of the English name for the facility in "yellow page" type directories, in the first ten pages of Google entries, I was unable to find a website for this Temple in either English or Vietnamese.  The Temple does have a Facebook page, but no content has been incorporated into it and no external website is referenced. 
Facebook grab May 27, 2012.
This is the extent of the information I have found on this facility as of today.  Thus far, I have found nothing to suggest that any English Sangha is associated with it.  If you have additional information about this Temple, please contact me via southhoustonsangha - at - It would be useful if I could post details about the programs this facility offers.

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