Thursday, May 3, 2012

Moderator's Viewpoints

Category Explanatory Post:  I will flag certain posts with this "viewpoint advisory" in cases where I have inserted distillations that I have researched as objectively as possible, but which could rightfully be argued as being incomplete or somewhat subjective by virtue of the complex and constantly-evolving nature of our world. 

That's a fancy way of saying that it's my intention to draw a very precise line between facts and interpretations, a practice that is all-too-often missing from American journalism these days. 

Particularly with respect to local Temples and meditation groups, I want to be absolutely clear that the descriptions of their practices are as close to objective reality as I can muster, with no judgment inserted on my part.  Occasionally I may profile a group or a Temple that is perceived by others as controversial relative to mainstream practices.  It doesn't matter; in those cases as with any other, my job is to present the information on its face as I discover that information, and leave the task of evaluation to individuals who have greater experience with those groups, or who may wish to further investigate those groups for themselves. 

The Buddha said, "Place no head above your own."  I second the motion.
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With respect to viewpoint-flagged material, the usual disclaimers apply.  I am not an expert on Buddhism, meditation, or any other topic presented in this blog.  However I usually spend several hours each day studying the topics about which I write and applying personal evaluations and decisions using the best conscience that I can muster.  If you feel that the resulting interpretations are incomplete or just plain ignorant, please use the Comment sections to respond with your valuable input, or email me at 

Thank you in advance!

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