Friday, May 18, 2012

Jade Buddha Temple events

A couple of items of note regarding Jade Buddha Temple.  It's not exactly located within spittin' distance of Houston's south side, but both of these events described below will be held on the weekend, so they would be logistically attainable by folks in our neck of the woods.
Location of Jade Buddha Temple,
6969 Westbranch Drive, Houston TX
Yikes, it's in Chinatown, darned near all the way to the Energy Ghetto.  (BTW, unrelated Houstoniana factoid here: there are almost no references to the local term-of-endearment "Energy Ghetto" on the internet, but upon Googling the term, Wiki diverts immediately to the more politically-correct term "Energy Corridor").
In her blog "Believe It Or Not", which is part of the "Believe Out Loud" religion series, Houston Chronicle reporter Kate Shellnutt gives a good description of this coming Saturday's concert (i.e., it'll be held at 7 p.m. tomorrow!).  The Temple's link to their concert announcement is located here.  There is no charge to attend. 

I also noticed that this Temple's English Dharma Group posted an announcement about a one-day retreat to be held on June 23.  This is one of the very few embedded English Sanghas in our area that maintains its own blog, although it doesn't seem to be updated very often. 

There are additional announcements in the Temple's main English pages.  I haven't been able to visit this facility yet, but it seems like a very active and diversified facility. 
Downsampled screengrab of a scene from Jade Buddha Temple, courtesy of a Flickr user formerly-known-as-something-other-than-a-stream-of-periods-and-carets.

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