Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chua Linh Son in summer bloom

For introductory information on this Temple, please see this previous post.


I was driving back from a business meeting today and had time, in 100-degree weather, to stop in at Chua Linh Son.  I did not have time to go into any of the buildings or speak with anyone, but a gentleman affiliated with the Temple indicated that it was OK for me to walk around outside, where I snapped the short photo tour below.  If anyone with Chua Linh Son views this post and would like full-resolution copies of these photos, please email me and I can send them.  Thank you!

Looking due west toward the main building.
Blooming flowers were everywhere!

Stucture that houses the bell shown below.
I bet it sounds amazing!

Another flowering plant in full summer swing.
Good potential for walking meditation...
except maybe not when it's 100 degrees outside...
Houston's most well-known summer bloomer:  crape myrtle.
The famous fifty-foot reclining Buddha statue.
Beautiful lily.
The First Five.
Sitting benches around the walkways.
Different kinds of fruit were growing in addition to the beautiful flowers.
Stand and deliver.
The place was alive with the constant chicka-chicka-chicka sound of cicadas. 
This is a not-so-good pic of one in a cypress tree. 
Hibiscus close-up.
Many different statues and stopping points
on the walk around the Temple grounds.
Melons growing on the ground, too.
This guy is almost ready to pick. 
Some of the small statuary in tucked-away places.
Contemplative shadows.
Some type of lily, I think.
Another small statue in a sheltered pagoda.

Rest well, for your work here is complete.

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