Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Calling all Temples...

...if you are a Buddhist or meditation Temple or lay group, please feel free to contact me so that I can do the best possible job of representing your organization here on South Houston Sangha News. 

The internet is often the primary means by which many people connect with the information resources that they need.  South Houston Sangha News is like most other websites on the internet: it tracks its visitor paths and records those statistics so that I can know what people are searching for, and thereby tailor my publications to become more responsive to those searchers.  This blog's recent statistics on Temple searches tell an interesting story:

This is a partial screengrab from the statistical compilation.  You can see that this user input into Google the search string Empty Field Zen Houston, and Google ranked this South Houston Sangha post as the number one most relevant hit for that - in other words, ranked the blog post higher than it ranked the website that is maintained by the group itself!  And that blog post was less than a month old at the time of the Google user's search.
If you are a Temple that does not yet have its own website or perhaps does not have an English website (both are true of a significant number of local Asian groups and Temples), this is even more important.  People will search for you online regardless of what you have or don't have, and South Houston Sangha News may end up being their only source of online information about you right now.  For this reason, we'd like to be able to provide as much accurate detail about you as we possibly can. 
Once again, this post returned as the number one hit for the entered search string.  This particular user was looking for information about events at the Vietnamese Buddhist Pagoda located in the City of South Houston...
...and here's an example for Linh Son.  Both of these Temples have no known web presence of their own at the current time.  South Houston Sangha News is usually within the top five ranked Google results provided to online seekers of both.
Additionally, if you maintain an email "blast list" for Temple or group events, please ensure that my email is on it.  Thank you, and I hope to hear from you via southhoustonsangha -at- gmail. 

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