Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rothko revisited

For an introduction to Rothko Chapel, including information on public meditation times, please see this previous post

My husband and I stopped by Rothko this past weekend and I thought I would round out the photo coverage with some exterior shots.  Interior photography is not allowed, so I did not bring a good camera, but here are a few cell phone shots.

The "broken obelisk" sculpture,
which is dedicated to Martin Luther King, Jr.
I am not able to identify the wonderful bamboo species used for the hedge.  It looks a bit like b. malingensis, but given the age of the hedge, I'm not sure that cultivar would have been available in our area at the time it was planted.
Looking back toward the entrance to the Chapel.
Welcome sign.
I was amazed at these crazy-looking flowering vines growing near the nearby Chapel administrative building.  I hadn't seen these before in Houston, but they are purple passion flowers, and Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center has a write-up on them

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